Operations Division

Research & Development

Professional management and a skilled workforce, coupled with continuous research and development powered by technology, enable DPI to stay at the forefront of innovation in a rapidly changing world. DPI’s Research and Development Department recognizes the urgent need to design and develop valuable, innovative and high-performing products. The group targets to proactively influence the way the company contend with the fast- changing consumer needs in a hyper-competitive market by pioneering new product concepts and ideas.




Backed by technological expertise gained from over 10 years of existence, DPI plant is equipped with a skilled and competent workforce. This is to ensure that production adheres to the most stringent standards to satisfy the discerning and demanding market. Driven by a set of goals, DPI Production has always been a motivated team directed to deliver results that are second to none.


Technical and service support groups comprising the Production Department are Production Planning and Inventory Control (PPIC), Process and Distribution.


PPIC’s core competence lies in the fulfillment of objectives through systematic planning, optimization of production capacity and proper control of inventory.


The Process Section ensures realization of objectives in the areas of overall Plant Effectiveness, Yield, Productivity and Utilization, while the Distribution Section supports the achievement of goals through timely and accurate delivery.


From planning, actual production to timely delivery of products to valued customers, the DPI Production Department continuously evolves to strengthen the company’s over-all presence in the Philippine cosmeceutical market.


Quality Control & Assurance

At DPI, quality management is a way of life. We provide quality and excellent products and services; maintain healthy working condition; efficiently manage resources; and work responsibly in the promotion of a safe environment.


Quality Control and Assurance Department (QCAD) as a whole ensures that the integrity of DPI products is upheld at all times. Stringent quality control measures are exercised not only to meet internal requirements but also to meet external customer requirements. Composed of competent individuals who possess proper training and background in the field of applied sciences, QCAD gives paramount importance to continuous improvement by updating quality compliance procedures whenever necessary.


Driven by the corporate principle that “Quality is inseparable in our products and processes”, QCAD works in harmony with the Derm Pharma’s philosophy of creating valuable products that are results of exhaustive experience and unmatched expertise.

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