Dermpharma, Inc.

Spearheading Innovative Solutions by blending science with beauty.
Achieving healthy and beautiful skin and hair as well as the need to fuse the wonders of science and beauty is very much significant.

Born out of future-oriented research, DPI’s innovative product lines are clinically proven to deliver superior results while maintaining the highest standards of safety. Developed by skin and hair care professionals, DPI products are designed to target the most challenging skin and hair care concerns – from acne, wrinkles or pigmentation to falling and thinning hair. These products are excellent alternatives to often painful, expensive, and time-consuming dermatological procedures.


DPI’s complete list of breakthrough products includes the well-known hair growth brands of Regroe, Isac, and Pregroe 4in One Hair Care System and the best skincare products, namely, Derm A, Dermplus, Skintel, Gluta White & Firm, Gluta Advance, and Nuderm Supreme.


DPI has invested well on the improvement and continuous development of its products. DPI aims not only for a competitive advantage in the market, but also in providing the best, effective and advanced assortment of skin and hair care products – all to give the consumer the best skin and hair care satisfaction they can never get from anywhere else.

Dermpharma, Inc.: ISO 9001: 2008 Certified Company

Dermpharma, Inc. is now an ISO 9001:2008 certified company after fulfilling the international standards for quality management systems. The scope of the assessed systems encompasses all the activities of Derm Pharma, Inc. which include production, product quality control, research and development (covering testing and evaluation laboratories).

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